Seniors Programs

Age shouldn’t be a barrier to fun and fitness

In fact, as you get older, an active and healthy lifestyle becomes more important than ever.

Regular exercise helps boost energy levels, manage symptoms of illness or pain, improve your mood and memory and even maintain your independence. You can’t afford not to get moving!

A lot of older people can feel discouraged by barriers to fitness such as health conditions, injuries, difficulty in getting the right advice or finding a group of people to exercise with.

At the Echuca War Memorial Aquatic Centre though, there are a number of ways for seniors to get more active, increase their fitness levels and improve their overall health and wellbeing in a supportive and social environment.

Campaspe Aquatic and Leisure Services' Seniors Programs are designed specifically for people aged over 50 years and are affordably priced with membership and casual attendance options, conducted by fully qualified health and fitness instructors and cater for different levels of ability and mobility so that everyone can participate.

Programs include:

Chair-based classes

Designed for people with limited or no mobility, chair-based classes offer gentle and very low impact exercise to music while seated. Class is at 1.30pm Tuesdays.

Lo Impact classes

These low impact classes are a heart and lung class with no jumping, running or getting down on the floor. Some mobility, coordination and laughter required. Classes is at 11.30am Monday and 10.00am Wednesday.

Seniors Gym

A fully qualified health and fitness instructor will work with you to develop a specialised program tailored to your needs and will be on hand at all times to explain anything and answer any questions you might have.


Water provides a unique exercise environment for people of all abilities where they can enjoy a low impact, well balanced workout. In this version, developed specifically for seniors, participants will see improved fitness, strength, flexibility, mobility and balance.

For more information about the services for seniors, or to make a booking, contact our friendly customer service team on (03) 5483 9698.